The first watch collection of 1,010 NFTs where you can redeem a physical automatic watch that rivals the rarities of the most prestigious brands.


Phase One
  • Website, social media launch
  • Teaser release of CryptoDials NFT
Phase Two
  • Community engagement strategy and social media marketing campaign launch
  • Reveal of physical utility and team members on the project
  • Basic trait reveal
Phase Three
  • Mint date determined
  • Projected date for physical utility released (Q4 2022)
  • Community perks for holders revealed
Phase Four
  • Minting begins: May 26th Private and May 28th Public
  • Reveal 48 hours after mint
  • Community perks commence
  • Final phase of manufacturing begins
Phase Five
  • Flagship Campaign begins
  • “Build Tokens” available for mint
Phase Six
  • Redemption Portal activated
  • Physical watches will be released and delivered
  • Flagship Launch
Kirk Lucas

CryptoDials founder, a wizard of digital arts, Captain in the watch and EDC community, currently conjuring physical drops for the Metaverse.

Travis Tan

Crafter of tough wrist watches, Travis built and sold thousands of watches for collectors through his brand RZE Watches.

Huiy Tang

Serial collector of watches, NFTs and entrepreneurial ventures. Huiy is a community builder and playmaker extraordinaire.

Brandon B

An Explorer of Web3, and connoisseur (degen) of NFTs.

Izaak Prats

Resident Rockstar developer/engineer who's worked on projects like Party Horses and BushidosNFT.


What is Cryptodials?

A Web3 watch brand, pioneering the NFT space and creating a community of hobbyists. The Genesis Collection marks the first collection by CryptoDials, consisting of 1,010 unique watches. Each NFT is a piece of art that represents a 1/1 that can be turned into a real watch using a build token. Holders of the NFT also gain access to merchandise drops, discounts from our retail partners, and are prioritized for our flagship watch release.

Why 1,010?

A watch’s time is set to 10:10 to best showcase its features.

When does this launch?

Private Sale: May 26, 2022 at 10:10 PM ET
Public Sale: May 28, 2022 at 10:10 AM ET

Mint Price?

0.1010 ETH

How many can I mint?

There is a wallet max of 5.

Are traits random?

There are more than 70 traits, corresponding to 60+ physical parts, used to generate the unique watches in our genesis collection.

Will there be a presale?

Yes, we will launch different competitions and giveaways to reserve whitelist spots.